Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The End of my 21 Day Fix and WHY I Cheated!

Do you see that?!?  That means that I'M FINISHED!!!!  Yay!!! I made it through my 21 days and I couldn't be more proud of myself!  I feel amazing and can't wait to post my full review but here is how my last 2 days went...

On Saturday, what I used to call my rest day, and I got up at 5:30 and pushed play on Dirty Thirty and Pilates.  I was almost done with my workouts when the rest of the house started waking up...what a great start to my day!!!

We got dressed and headed to my sons basketball game where he played the best game he has EVER played (granted this is his 3rd basketball game of his life...but it was the best, hands down!)  =)  He was on fire and made 4 baskets, stole the ball multiple times, and had some great rebounds!  I'm a proud momma!

Lunch was on track and then came a big crossroads in my journey.  We made plans to go with family to dinner...Mexican food (my favorite) so I had to decide what I was going to order!

I did my double workout today, I drank my Shakeology, I had a healthy lunch with plenty of leftover containers and I only had 1 MORE DAY left of my 21 Days...to cheat, or not to cheat?!?!

Well, I've been good for 20 days so far, would I really want to blow it the night of the 20th day, the EVE of my last day?!  That would be crazy right!?  There are plenty of things I could do to stick to it...10 chips with salsa (yellow), corn tortillas with chicken and veggies (yellow, red, green)  I could stick to the plan.  If it was earlier in my journey I wouldn't have even questioned sticking to it or not.  But,here's why I decided to CHEAT when I was almost done with my full 21 Day Fix!

This 21 Day Fix wasn't just a phase for me!  I didn't go into it with the attitude that I would do these 21 days and then go back to eating junk and large amounts of anything and everything I wanted.  No, I went into these 21 days looking to make healthier habits, wanting to learn how to eat the right portions, make healthier snack choices, and be on a consistent workout schedule!  I DID that and now that I'm finishing up, it's time for me to continue doing the healthy habits I've learned while also indulging a little now and then!  Shaun T calls it the 80/20 rule.  80% healthy, 20% indulgence and that's how I want to live!  Life is too short to count EVERY single calorie or to just never let loose with family and friends!  So I went out and had 2 skinny margaritas and shared a fajita plate with my husband.  It was delicious and we had a wonderful time with family!

I don't regret cheating and guess what?  I got up on Sunday and did my Yoga workout before church, had my Shakeology and continued on a healthy day.  I weighed myself (at a family members house because I don't own a scale!) to see the results of my 21 days and I lost 6 POUNDS TOTAL!  I feel amazing and I didn't gain it all back by eating some Mexican food!  Now, if I chose to cheat and indulge everyday I would, but not by doing the 80/20 rule!  The crazy thing is that I actually lost the least amount of weight from my other 21 Day Fixers in my Challenge Group!!  I lost the least at 6 pounds, then there were some 7 pounders, 10, 12, and even 16 pounds!  AMAZING!!

Feel free to read through each day of my 21 Day Fix for food ideas and my personal journey plus I will be blogging my review of each workout so check back soon for that!

I have Challenge Groups starting every single month so if you'd like to join one of my groups please comment below!  I would LOVE to help you reach your goals and the new 21 Day Fix Extreme comes out in Feb 2015!  Both programs are guaranteed to give you results so there is no risk!  


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