Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day 15 of the 21 Day Fix

I woke up early this morning feeling on FIRE!  I have rocked these first 2 weeks in my opinion and I am feeling fantastic!  I have energy, feel tighter/thinner, and who POPS out of bed ready for their workouts at 5:00?  Not the old me, but apparently the new me does!  I LOVE it!!

So today started my last week and I chose to do the DOUBLE week! I started by drinking my E&E and then pushed play to Total Body Cardio Fix and killed it!  I can tell that I'm getting a lot stronger and I actually had to buy some heavier weights (I was using 5 lbs, so I bought some 8 lb.).  After that I did Pilates Fix which was a great stretch and "Active Rest" compared to the cardio!

I did change my regular Banana Nutter Shakeology up today and made this delicious Cinnamon Roll recipe!  My kids loved it too so I made them one to enjoy as well!  

Today was a holiday and 2 of my kids had playdates scheduled so I took my middle daughter to the movies to see Annie.  I used to think to enjoy myself at the movies I had to experience everything by ordering a large coke, popcorn, sneaking in my box of Hot Tamales, and enjoying them during the movie.  This time I had water and brought in a pear plus a handful of my daughters popcorn.  Sounds boring but it was still really good and I was proud of myself for sticking to the plan.  Obviously we really enjoyed our time together so I am learning I don't have to indulge to experience something or enjoy myself!  Again, thinking about what I CAN have and not what I CANT!  =)

For dinner we had grilled chicken, mushrooms, and veggies!  We used salt free Mrs. Dash to season it with and everyone in the family enjoyed it!  My husband has seen how I've changed over the last 2 weeks (inside and out) and decided today that he wants to start THE FIX too!  I am so excited and happy for him!  So we took his before pictures and started planning.  We prepped chicken, fish, veggies, fruit, eggs, seasoning, and a bag of Shakeology for him to take to work and have on hand for snacks and lunches!  After we cooked it, we measured it with the containers and bagged it all up!  He did his workout and his journey has begun!  So excited to watch it change him like it has me!  I will update on his journey on my blog too!

Dinner is served!

Day 15 down, 6 more to go!

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