Friday, January 16, 2015

Day 10 & 11 of the 21 Day Fix

So day 10 pretty much looked exactly like day 9 except the workout was Lower Fix instead of Upper Fix!  =)  I was craving the same foods I ate yesterday so I repeated everything and it was just as good this time around!  Lower Fix was a great workout and not nearly as challenging as I thought it was last week!  

Day 11: Today's workout was Pilates Fix and I LOVED it!!  It too was easier than last week and the stretching aspect of it just felt so good!   I really feel like my habits are changing as I look forward to every workout and don't crave all the junk!  I'm really enjoying all the healthy foods I'm eating and don't feel deprived at all!  

 I of course had my Banana Nutter Shakeology after my workout!  

As a snack today I measured Plain Greek Yogurt in the red container and put it in a bowl and then mixed in cinnamon, apple pie spice and a little honey.  Then I measured berries in the purple and poured those in and it was REALLY good!

Day 10 and 11 down, 10 more to go!! 

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