I seriously am OBSESSED with Shakeology! It is so nice to live in a world where my delicious chocolate shake is actually my healthiest meal of the day! So lucky! =) 
So what is it? It's a meal replacement drink so it's NOT a weight loss drink, energy drink, or protein shake (even though those are some of the benefits from it)'s a whole meal replacement and is full of superfoods like quinoa, acai berry, spinach, kale, and so many more fruits and vegetables, making it unlike anything else on the market! I just knew I wasn't eating enough fruits and vegetables and my body was paying the price...I was so tired and sluggish, I often got sick and I knew I really needed to change my diet but I didn't know how. I started taking Shakeology and became consistent with my exercises (thanks to the accountability groups, AKA Challenge Groups!) and felt so much better! I had more energy, I was "regular" (if you know what I mean), I wasn't getting sick and truly felt amazing!
I actually know of 2 people who were going through chemo and their doctor recommended they start taking it because of the amount of nutrition they would receive. So amazing that it's helping people through something so tragic and makes me so proud to be a part of this company!  

My OBGYN drinks it and swears by it! She said the amount of superfoods in it is just amazing and makes such a difference in your health and overall energy!

My friend took her daughter to her pediatrician and she told him her daughter was such a picky eater and only wanted macaroni and grilled cheese so she was concerned about her nutrition. She asked him if she should give her Pediasure or be concerned at all and he told her that he gives his kids a partial scoop of Shakeology to make sure they're getting the right nutrition!  

All these doctor recommendations make me so happy but they don't really surprise me because I know what it has done for my health and my family's health! My parents and in laws are taking it to lower their cholesterol so they don't have to be on medicine! My Dad's cholesterol dropped 25 points and was the lowest it has been in YEARS in just a matter of days on Shakeology! It's really incredible and 1 glass is equivalent to eating 5 salads!! I could go on more but I'll stop there! =) The proof is in the pudding!

I think it's important to not think of this purchase as frivolous or unnecessary spending. Why are you wanting to do it? Lose weight? To take better care of yourself? Are you feeling tired? Do you want to improve complexion, grow better hair and nails? That is what good nutrition will do for you. You just can't put a price on that! We spend money in so many other aspects of our life (usually on our kids) and don't take the time for ourselves! Shakeology itself is so good for you and instead of ADDING to your budget you can think of it as replacing something! I keep packets in my purse and if I'm out and about running errands, I don't drive through or go eat somewhere, I drink Shakeology! Not only is it way healthier, it breaks down to only $4 a day which is cheaper than a meal I could get out and even cheaper than most peoples coffee! It's taking the place of some meal with ingredients that you don't have to buy. So it's not just about adding something but replacing something!
Here are some short videos you can watch to give you a little more information about them! Please comment or email me any questions you may have! If you're thinking about trying it, GO FOR IT! There is absolutely no risk because we offer a 30 day money back guarantee!! Can't get any better than that!

What's In Shakeology:

If you're ready to give Shakeology a try and make an investment in your health please contact me at or comment below!   Thank you!!

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