Monday, June 11, 2018

What is LIIFT4?

IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!  I am so excited for the release of our newest program that is officially being released October 1st...BUT... I am running a VIP Test Group starting July 16th that allows you to unlock the program and try it BEFORE it's released!  Here are the details...

This program is truly formulated to get you better results in less time and who doesn't want that?  I'm a busy mom and can feel overwhelmed in the summer trying to keep up with work, home chores, and entertaining the kids, but my health should never take a backseat just because I'm busy!  WE'RE ALL BUSY but you make time for what matters to you!  With workouts only 4 days a week that last 30-40 minutes each... I can easily mange this and have no excuses!  

LIIFT4 is an efficient, no-nonsense 8-week program that combines weightlifting and calorie-burning High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with the nutrition and supplements needed for a complete body transformation. The moves are based on classic lifting techniques that let you isolate, stabilize, and focus each rep on the muscle group you’re working. 

You work out just 4 days a week (YES please!!), with 3 strategically chosen recovery days (angels are literally singing, hallelujah! ). Every workout is 30–40 minutes and ends with a quick core routine. There are no gimmicky moves, no overly complicated routines, and no opportunity for boredom because you’ll do all 32 workouts of the program in real time with Joel and the cast—that's right, you'll NEVER be doing the same workout twice.

Dates to remember:
  • June 11th: LIIFT4 products launch.  Coaches who purchase a LIIFT4 product get immediate access to the four B4 LIIFT4 workouts and digital tools on Beachbody On Demand, and access to join Joel's Exclusive Coach Test Group on Facebook! 
  • July 9th: LIIFT4 Test Group opens for prep week.
  • July 16th: VIP Early Access & LIIFT4 Test Group starts!
  • July 31st: LIIFT4 $10 off promo ends & last day to purchase to get access to Test Group.
  • October 1st: LIIFT4 Official Launch! Program added to Beachbody on Demand Member Library.
Here's a preview video so you can get a sneak peek and know what to expect:

Check out these before and afters, get excited, and get ready to transform YOUR life, because it happened to them...WHY NOT YOU???? 

Are you ready to join me?  

I want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck because there are so many ways to join this group so send me an email at, Click the link at the right to find me on Facebook or Instagram, and let me know you're interested in joining and I can send you the options to get this early access!  

Thursday, April 26, 2018

2B Mindset

“I’m going to help you win the weight-loss battle once and for all!”

It’s not a diet. It’s a mindset.
But make no mistake, the 2B Mindset can help you lose weight — happily — without feeling deprived or hungry, without exercising, without counting calories, or cutting out whole food groups.  Did you hear that?  Carbs are allowed, wine is allowed, dessert is allowed...dessert and wine are food groups, right?!?  
The 2B Mindset addresses the number one issue with weight loss and weight management — food. Exercise is critical for living a healthy, functional life, but as they say, abs are made in the kitchen — and that’s the problem Ilana designed the 2B Mindset to solve.  She has lost over 100 pounds with this program and knows what it's like to loose weight and keep it off!  
You see, I love fitness.  But nutrition?  Let me stick to my freedom please.  I've found whenever I try to stick to any sort of "rules" I first feel like I better eat and drink everything I love in the house the night before I start...BINGE on it, dessert, carbs...let me eat it all before I'm not allowed the next day...have you been there?   Then I can stick to the rules for a while, see results, and then I'm DONE and eat it all again out of anger and tell myself how ridiculous those rules are and I need to LIVE!  =)  Roller coaster ride!  Am I the only one??  
Is anyone like me and "on track" for a few weeks, see results, but can't live like that?  Or maybe you're good all week, go for it all on the weekends?  Good all day, but watch out at night?  Are you SICK AND TIRED of yo yo diets or trying the latest fad?  ME TOO!!!  My JAM is BALANCE!  I haven't always had it in my life but that's what I strive for because when I don't focus on my food and what I CANT have, I do my best!  When I try to limit, it's all I can think about and truly it doesn't make me happy so I often choose fitness over nutrition...until now!  
I feel like this program is made for me!  BALANCE...NOTHING off limits...PEACE with your food!  Can I get an amen?!  I mean... for real!  I am SO DARN EXCITED!!!!! My friends who were in the test group got AMAZING results and they've tried everything from weight watchers, keto diet, our container system, if it fits your macros, interment fasting, etc...said they feel so free because there's no planing/prepping, calorie counting, measuring/weighting food, or point counting, just taking the steering wheel with a healthy mindset and balance in life!  FREEDOM!!!!!! 
With this program, fitness is NOT required but is considered a bonus and encouraged so if you're doing Beachbody home workouts, Crossfit, Orange Theory, 9Round, running, etc. that's great and keep going girlfriend, but for those of you just getting started, leave the fitness for later boo!  Yup, that's right, you can loose weight without sweating it out and dealing with a food approved list!  
Here's a short intro video to see a little more about the program:

Remember those friends I mentioned above?  Here's a coach on my team, Leah, who was a part of the text group and did a training for us coaches...if you want to watch it until about the 19 minute mark you'll hear all about her journey! 

Want to see more about what you get?  Watch this video for details: 

If you're ready to see results and feel freedom with your nutrition...join me in our group so we can make this mind-shift together!!  I can't wait and would LOVE to have you join me!  Comment below or email me at to get started and join our virtual community of other mindset shifters!!  

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

80 Day Obsession Banana Apple Muffins

Delicious and nutritious!!!  

I made these for the kids and I this week and despite the fact that I need to work on my “dash” of salt (because I apparently I got a little too carried away and my first batch tasted like “dinner” according to my 8 year old, haha!) they are really good!!  As you can see from my ingredients picture below, I was trying to do a batch and a half so I think that's why I overcompensated on the salt...second batch was way better (I followed the instructions below!) and a win for us all! 

If you’re on the 80 Day Obsession eating plan they count as a blue and purple which is so exciting because it feels like a yellow but you still have room for more carbs!! #winning 

Give them a try, careful with the salt, and let me know what you think! 

  1. 2 eggs
  2. 2 bananas
  3. 1 Tbsp melted butter
  4. 1.5 cups almond flour
  5. 3/4 tsp. baking soda
  6. dash sea salt (careful now!)
  7. 1/2 chopped apple

Mix wet ingredients in one bowl, dry ingredients in another and then blend together. Fold in apples and put in muffin tin. Makes about 9 muffins. Bake at 350 degrees for 18-20 minutes! ENJOY!! 

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