Thursday, December 21, 2017

12 Days of Christmas

This is my absolute favorite time of year!!  The lights, smells, Christmas trees, baking, cooler weather, finding that perfect gift for your loved ones, and of course celebrating the greatest gift ever in our savior!!   We feel so blessed in Texas this year because the weather is cooperating and it actually feels like Christmas!!  Although as I type this it's 78 degrees outside BUT the majority of the month has been super cold!  haha!  It's back to warm for about 3 days and then we get another cold front so it will be cold on Christmas!!  The last 2 Christmas' have been so hot I have a picture of my kids in shorts eating Popsicles!  This winter has truly felt like winter!  We even woke up to SNOW one morning which was so magical!!  And strange!!  And amazing!!  I still can't believe it happened but feel so thankful for that blessing of white!!

I always love getting recommendations and hearing people's favorite products so this year I thought it would be fun to put together a list of some of my favorites that you can use as gift ideas or as gifts for yourself with your Christmas money!  ENJOY and let me know some of your favorites or if you use any of these products too!  Links are included for purchasing options!

1. IT Cosmetics: Confidence Line

I have seen the infomercials and wanted to try this line for a while!   I decided to go to Ulta so I could try it all out before purchasing but once I knew I liked it I loved the deals from QVC because you usually get more for your money!  The mascara, brushes, and Bye Bye Pores Illumination Powder  are some of my favorites but I became obsessed with the skincare line!  I was noticing wrinkles in places I wasn’t used to and knew my face needed more hydration and this combination has been the perfect fix! Super creamy products and the cleanser is safe to remove all makeup, even eye makeup, and acts as a toner also!  The moisturizer has a scent to it but it's not chemically or too much, it smells good!  

2. Lacoste Perfume

If you don’t like sweet smells then it might not be your favorite and you could try some of their other options but I absolutely LOVE the smell of it!! Kyle loves it on me too which is a double win! They run in and out of stock on their website but you can sometimes find it on Amazon too!  What can't you find on Amazon??  I also really love Lacoste skinny jeans and they have some adorable shoes!

3. LOFT Pave Square Stud Earrings

These are perfect earrings for everyday or you can dress them up!  I always get compliments on them and right now they’re 50% off if you use the code WRAPITUP!!  So head over to the website and grab you a pair or they would make a perfect gift for any friend or family member! 

4. Feetures Socks

Whether you are running, working out, or just on your feet all day these are the best! The padding in the back keeps them from sliding into your shoe And the wicking keeps them nice and dry! When the sweat stays away, the stink stays away!  Have you ever worn them?! Get $10 off when you subscribe to their newsletter or Dicks currently as a sale going and i you buy 3, you get 1 free! 

5. Reed Diffuser  

They have many different scents but vanilla and paperwhite are my favorite!  They smell amazing and look pretty in your home too.

6. Fabletics

If you’ve been following me you know I’m obsessed with these workout clothes! They are my favorite fit out of all of the brands I have tried and I love the prices on the outfits! 3 pieces for 1 price!  The prints are always so stylish and amazing quality!  Definitely a must have!!  

7. Monograms

Who isn’t a sucker for something with your initials on it?  Whether it’s purses, jewelry, clothing, shoes, or cups… or are my favorite place to get it!  Right now I’m all about their soft monogram slippers and this pearl monogram necklace!  Go check them out! 

I’ve read a lot of devotion books but this one has been my favorite! It is so relatable to the life of a mom and has such a great message everyday with scripture to back it up!  Perfect gift for Christmas and be sure to grab one for yourself too! 

I have this one on the back of my phone and I absolutely love it! It makes it so much easier to hold your phone when you’re taking pictures or even if you are just answering emails or texting!  I have gotten so used to mine it’s awkward to hold Kyle’s phone since he doesn’t have one!  I got mine from Amazon but you can find them almost anywhere now! They also make car attachments so you can slide it in as a holder. I absolutely love mine and think they would make a perfect stocking stuffer! 

I absolutely love these sunglasses!  I have the Becky but there are all different kinds of styles! The best part is whenever you buy a pair of sunglasses, they buy a pair of reading glasses for someone in need! Love that mission and the style these bring!

11. Lets talk lips!!  

These are my favorites at the moment! 1. Marc Jacobs- I have the color Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and I love it! It’s perfect for fall and gives a matte finish but stays on for a long time without feeling dry or super stuck like a stain!  2. Lipsence is my go to when I want the color on for a long time! My favorite colors are Razzberry (pictured), Roseberry, and Caramel Apple. I love the gold sparkle gloss and matte gloss! 3. Bite cosmetics makes this agave lip mask in a pink and red color. I love the red because it’s not too bold and smells amazing and is all natural! Perfect for everyday!  

12. Barrington Gifts

I absolutely love their monogrammed purses (don’t worry, they do come in larger sizes then seen in this picture! ;)), makeup bags, wine bags, keychains and more! Super cute, amazing quality, and and perfect gift for yourself or any girl on your list! 

So there you have it!  12 of my favorite things this year!  I hope you enjoyed learning about someone products and I'd love to hear some of your favorites so comment below if you love one of these too or if you have a suggestion I should try!  I hope you and your family have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  


Monday, December 18, 2017

Easy and Delicious Brussel Sprouts

Ya ll, this dish is my absolute favorite side right now!  I love it so much I could easily make a batch and just eat it straight from the bowl as my main course!  =)

Here's what you'll need:

  • brussel sprouts (remove the stem and cut in half) I buy the big bag from Costco!
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • crumbled walnuts
  • shaved Parmesan

Just throw everything but the cheese into a pan and sauté.  Once the brussels are bright green and browning, add cheese and remove from heat.  So easy!!

We've also had this with feta cheese, bacon or dried cranberries so you can change it up each time you make it if you want!  We love it!  

Sunday, December 17, 2017

80 Day Obsession

The results are in and they are amazing!!

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for this program to be released!  This group I am running is starting on JANUARY 15TH and is going to be unlike any other group I've ever done before!   I can't wait to kick of 2018 with this program and start the year off feeling my BEST! 

So what is 80 Day Obsession???

It is the newest Beachbody program created by celebrity trainer and fitness expert, Autumn Calabrese!  You may know her from programs like 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Hammer and Chisel, Country Heat, and FIXATE! 

  • The program was specifically designed to flatten and tone your abs while lifting and firming your booty (sign me up!!) BUT it will do so much more than that!  You're going to see your entire body changing!  
  • Unlike other programs that rotate you through 7 or so different workouts, during this program you will NEVER do the same workout twice!  80 different workouts that are filmed live so you get a different experience every single day!  That means no plateaus and no getting bored!  You will feel like she is your personal trainer as she goes through the 80 days with you! 
  • The nutrition plan is based on the advanced theory of timed nutrition that's super easy to follow!  We not only learn what to eat but WHEN to eat!  Autumn breaks it down into a very simple meal plan that takes the guesswork out.  
  • 3 Phases spread out over 13 weeks: 6 workouts per week + 1 rest day
  • Modifier in every workout.
  • Workout length: 45-60 minutes.  You DO have time for that...don't fool yourself into thinking you're too busy!  Everybody's busy,  you just need support and a plan to keep you accountable!  =)
Here is a sneak peek into what the program will be like:


Comment below or email me at with the subject OBSESSED and I would love to visit with you about joining my accountability group so we can do this TOGETHER!  I will coach you and help you stay motivated and get the results you're looking for!  I will be working in a group with Autumn herself during these 80 days so I'll be bringing even more value and knowledge straight from her to you and can even ask her your specific questions along the way!  

Here's some important dates to keep in mind:
  • Dec 14- 80 DAY OBSESSION Pre-Sale: All Packages are $10 off Dec 14-Jan 14, 2018.
  • Dec 26- Jan 14- A LITTLE OBSESSED challenge: 30 minute workouts on BOD to get us ready for 80 DAY OBSESSION.
  • Jan 9- 80 DAY Timed Nutrition meal prepping 101 and grocery shopping.
  • Jan 15- Day 1 of 80 DAY OBSESSION!!!!!!!!
I truly can't wait for this group and would LOVE for you to join us!  Email me for the package options so we can talk about the best way to get you set up with everything you'll need!  

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Potato Leek Soup

Hey y'all!!!  Long time no see!  =)  I am back to blogging and can't wait to share recipes, our flood experience, recent trips, and life lessons we've learned since my last post!  

We just got back from an amazing vacation to DisneyWorld that I can't wait to tell you about and share some tips I learned!  First things first!!  =)  We had some amazing dishes while we were there and I was pleasantly surprised how they cater so well to those of us who have food allergies!  There were tons of delicious gluten free options!!  

One day we went to eat at Be Our Guest and Kyle and I ordered the Potato Leek Soup.  It was SO GOOD and once we got home and knew some cooler weather was coming we wanted to try to replicate it!  It turned out to be so good and although it takes some extra work with chopping and blending, it didn't take long at all.  If you have a Vitamix I'm sure it will be super quick and easy for you!  Lucky!!  =)  

 Terrible lighting but enjoying our food at Be Our Guest. 

We love Beauty and the Beast!!  

So here you go... Creamy Potato Leek Soup perfect for Soup Season!  Let me know how you like it!


  • 6 large leeks, washed and dark green parts/roots removed, chopped
  • 6 large Yukon gold potatoes, peeled and chopped into 1-inch pieces
  • 2 medium yellow onion, chopped
  • 8 1/2 cups vegetable broth
  • 1/2 cup whipping cream
  • 6 tbsp. butter
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 4 tbsp. chives, chopped
  • 1 tsp. salt (or to taste)
  • 1 tsp. black pepper
  • 1/2 tsp. cayenne (optional)


  1. Melt butter in 3-quart pot over medium heat.
  2. Add garlic, onion, and leeks. Cook until softened (about 5 minutes).
  3. Add potatoes, salt, pepper, and cayenne. Stir ingredients together, cover pot and cook an additional 5 minutes, or until potatoes begin to soften (about 5 minutes).
  4. Add broth, stir and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to a slow simmer. Cook until potatoes are completely soft (about 10 minutes).
  5. Either use an immersion blender, or ladle soup into a big food processor or blender. Blend until pureed and return to pot. You may have to work in batches, depending on how big your appliance is.
  6. Once pureed soup is returned to pot, reduce heat to low and stir in cream. Cook for an additional 3-5 minutes or until hot.
  7. Top with chives and serve.

Cayenne pepper will make the soup spicy so that is optional!  We didn't use any but we did decide we would add some cooked and crumbled bacon next time for extra flavor.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mason Jar Eggs

I'm from the south so I was born to love Mason Jars!  😃 
Then I learned this favorite cup of mine has another use that makes my sandwiches and burgers far less mess!  =)  

The perfect circle egg!  

Have you tried this?   Comment below and let me know how it goes for you!  

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Cinnamon Coffee

I used to hate coffee...hated it!

But for some reason the actual process of drinking coffee and having something warm in your hand was so relaxing that I fell in love with the habit of coffee instead of the coffee itself.  Does that make sense at all?!

So I started drinking coffee but only if it was FULL of creamer and sugar!  I quickly realized I couldn't continue drinking it like that and wanted to wean myself off the sweetness and towards black!  BLAH!!  It was a process but you can absolutely teach yourself!

You just start using less and less of each and before I knew it I didn't need creamer, just sugar, then less sugar, then I switched to 2 packets of stevia, then 1 packet!  

Now I always drink black coffee with stevia!  Occasionally I doctor it up to a not so healthy version for fun but I honestly don't like the super sweet anymore!  

One of my favorite healthy ways to change it up is Cinnamon Coffee!

Put a cup of hot coffee, 1 packet of Stevia, 1tsp. of MCT oil and Vanilla, 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon with it and BLEND so it's frothy!  Enjoy!!  So yummy, still healthy, and you get all the benefits of MCT Oil and Cinnamon!  Winning!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Shakeology Balls

When it comes to food, I'm a grab-and-go kind of girl!  That's why before Shakeology and these accountability groups came along my meals consisted of cereal, boxed cookies, and other processed things that I would grab as we were heading out the door or when hunger set in.  Let's face it, when I'm "hangry" I want to eat something quick instead of waiting to cook or prep something!  

These Shakeology Balls are so easy AND so good!  I like to make a big batch and keep them in the freezer and the kids and I love eating on them all week!  

Just 5 Ingredients:
  1. 2 packets of Shakeology (any flavor) 
  2. 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips
  3. 1/2 cup shredded coconut
  4. 1/2 cup raw honey
  5. 1/2 cup nut butter (I like peanut butter)
  6. Options: I like to add a little vanilla and cinnamon to the vanilla ones but my kids like them with just the 5 ingredients!  

What's your favorite, chocolate or vanilla??  Cafe Latte also makes some yummy balls!  
You can put 2 balls each in a small snack size ziplock for easy ready to go snacks or just keep them in wax paper!  


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Shaun Week Has Been Extended

Shaun week was intense, in the best way possible!  I truly loved it and it was such a great combination of cardio and weights!  Now they've decided to extend it to a 30 day plan that also involves rest and stretching...THANK YOU!!!  =)  I saw my body changing in just 7 days with these workouts (even my hubby noticed the changes!!) so I can't wait to see what a 30 day schedule will do for me!  

Here's what it looks like:

I will be following this schedule now that my Shaun Week is over but I'm starting another one on June 26th if you'd like to join us!  Everyone is at different stages of their journey! Some are just starting and she are halfway through their journey and some are just working to continue to improve and get stronger and healthier everyday!  Together- we support and motivate one another and have a great time!!    

to fill out the application to join us and I will contact you today!  

I LOVE this quote because it's so true!  After this 1 week you will feel better, happier, more energized and motivated than ever before!!  Don't believe me??  Try it!!  😄

Monday, June 19, 2017

Shaun Week Review

7 Days
7 Workouts
Life is changed!!

I wouldn't normally do 7 workouts in a row, especially on a Sunday, a Sunday that's Father's Day on top of that!  BUT when I commit to something, I go ALL IN and I am so glad I did!!

This week is tough but you will LOVE it!  It's hard for me to actually put the week into words!  I've always loved Shaun T so I knew it was going to be more great workouts but this week was just unbelievable.  I loved the workouts!   I was a sweaty sweaty mess everyday, I was sore, I felt change in my body in just 7 days, but best of all, I felt change on this inside too!  Strength, happiness, energy, was exactly what I needed to feel recharged, capable, and motivated for anything thrown my way!   I challenged myself and stuck to it and that feeling of accomplishment and growth is the best ever.  I was never in this alone.  I had a great group of other women pushing through as well and the opportunity to share this experience with each other was amazing! You have to try it, just 1 week to see what that commitment can do for you!

Click each day below to see details and a preview video of the workout:

Here's what some of my challengers had to say:

  • "Sweat down my back and legs!  Red in the face!  I can't put into words how I feel about this week but it's been wonderful!  And to also know how far my post-partum body has come feels so great!  Just show up!  Do the modifier if that's what you can do but it's way better than nothing at all!"
  • "Holy Crap!!"
  • "Oh EM GEEE, that was tough but I didn't give up!!!"
  • "DONE!  I totally sobbed when it was over!  I can honestly say I have NEVER done a workout like this before!  I loved every second...I definitely could NOT do all of the pushups...but I tried until I fell on  my face!"  
  • "I mentally pumped myself up and pushed it!  I don't care how I feel before I start, it's afterward that I feel all the feels and I am never unhappy or sluggish after a workout!  I feel the happiest and most energy when I'm done!"
  • "Sometimes it takes physical fitness to feel the pain in our bodies to let out the pain in our soul.  Too deep?  haha!  I just always feel so good after these workouts!"
  • "I just finished day 3 and wanted to share my proud moment...I didn't think I was going to be able to do the pushups but I DID!!!"
  • "Day 2 done!  That's the kind of cardio I like!!"
  • "I had to modify a lot today but it was a good workout!  I love Shaun T!!"

If you want to join my next Shaun Week or get access to these workouts please comment below or send me an email to and we'll get you set up!!  You won't regret it!  

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Shaun Week Day 7: Dig Deep

Day 7
Dig Deep
27 Minutes

Shaun Week is DONE!!!!

Hey maybe since it's the last day after 6 intense workouts Shaun will let us rest a little?  
Maybe a little bit of yoga and stretching or something for the last workout??
No sir!!
Not Shaun...he finishes it out by digging deep!

This workout consists of a warm up,  then there's 14 moves and you do each move for one minute before you cool down!  Sounds short, sweet, and to the point but man does it test you and your ability to focus and dig deep to finish off a few more! 

Today was Father's Day so I did the workout at my in-laws house after church, before lunch!  I would have normally skipped it and used the excuse that there was too much going on BUT I had a group of women doing this with me and I had to finish off strong with them!  I would not have done today's workout if it weren't for them.  I am so thankful for those girls and this AMAZING week of workouts!

This week blew my expectations out of the water!  I can't wait to keep these workouts up with the new schedule he released because I'm already feeling changes in just these 7 days!  

Thank you Shaun T!!!  BEST WEEK EVER!!!  

Shaun Week Day 6: Speed 4.0

Day 6
Speed 4.0
31 minutes

When you commit to something,
challenge yourself,
and accomplish it, 
not perfectly,
but just do your best...
change happens on the outside AND the inside!

This workout is non-stop cardio.  I might have wanted to cuss at him a bit but my christian values were stronger than that temptation (barely) and I held it together!  I did often say, "Are you serious?!?" but pushed through and conquered day 6!  Another day pushed to the limits and another day that I proved myself I am capable of so much more than I think!

I rewarded myself with Halo Top Birthday Cake Ice Cream!  It was my first time trying this brand that I've heard so much about and it was DELISH!!!!  So dang good and I enjoyed every bite!! 

Life is too short to not have dessert!  

Friday, June 16, 2017

Shaun Week Day 5: Ripsanity

Day 5
43 minutes (it goes by so fast!)
Weights needed. 
I used 15 pounds most of time, occasionally 8! 

It's not everyday that you do a workout that brings you to tears!  I know that sounds silly and if I were on the outside I would probably be thinking, 

"Pull yourself together, good grief, that's ridiculous!"  

But thankfully I'm not on the outside.  I'm in the middle of it, it's a part of my life and my career revolves around it...the community of people coming together to push play on the same workout and encourage one another, the amazing trainers that push me out of my comfort zone and help me realize I am stronger than I ever knew before, the endorphins after, and the happiness it brings me when I'm done and I've accomplished it!  

Tears come.  

It's crazy and it's amazing!  This week has been so much more than I ever imagined!  

If you've been thinking about challenging yourself, trying to get over a plateau, or you just want to get STARTED...comment below or send me an email at
I know you won't be sorry!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Delicious Costco Finds

I went to Costco this week and bought a few new things to try and all 5 of us LOVED them all!  Here are the products and the meals I made with them!  Easy and's how I roll in the kitchen!

Costco Finds:
  1. Coleman Organic Italian Meatballs
  2. Banza Rotini made from chickpeas.
  3. Udi's gluten free dinner rolls
  4. Trident salmon patties

The first meal we made is a breakfast option (I also found a large container of cherub tomatoes and Feta at Costco too!)  The kids don't like their eggs runny but I sure do!  We all love the patties in many different ways...for breakfast like this, on salads, plain, or as a burger!  These salmon patties are a family fav for sure!

Recipe 1:
  1. Salmon Patties
  2. 2 runny eggs
  3. Tomatoes
  4. Feta Cheese

The second one is self explanatory but man was it good!!!  The noodles were ready before the rest of the things so I added a little bit of butter to them and put the lid on the pot so that they wouldn't stick together!  It made so much we had plenty leftover which is always a plus! 

Recipe 2:
  1. Meatballs
  2. Rotini noodles
  3. Spagetti sauce
  4. Udi's rolls


Shaun Week Day 4: 25 Abs

Day 4
25 Abs
28 minutes total

Day 4 and who knew you could sweat so much just working your abs???  Oh that's right, Shaun T doesn't ever just work one body part!  This workout focused on the entire core but works your whole body!  I think this is my sweatiest week EVER and I have loved every second!!  Everyday I am literally excited for what the next day's workout will bring!  Stronger everyday!  Check out a handful of the moves from today in the video below!  


I'm going to be doing Shaun Week again and again so if you want to join me one of the weeks I do it, comment below or send me an email at with the subject title Shaun Week.

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