Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day 12 of the 21 Day Fix

I have started waking up early and getting my workouts done before my day gets started and I LOVE IT!  There were a few workouts I did super late at night, one at 10:30, and I just don't like doing that!  I feel amazing when I get up and get it done for the day instead of it hanging over my head and me wondering when I'm going to fit it in as things pop up in our schedule!

So today was Cardio Fix and it's a killer!  =)  The Knee Highs in Round 1 are hard and even though you don't have your breath yet, it's time to start the next move so it's tough!  I learned I shouldn't drink too much water during the breaks because their is too much bouncing going on during these 30 minutes!  I really love the skater jumps and the lunges in round 3 are a breath of fresh air!  =)  When she said there was a Bonus Round I was none too pleased but pushed through anyway!  It's tough but I felt great afterwards!

 For lunch I had a delicious taco salad: 1 G, 1 Y, 1 R.

 Later in the day when I was wanting to snack I made some tea instead!  I tried Passion Tea and sweetened it with a little Stevia and honey and it was really good and helped me get through the afternoon without stuffing my face!  =)

That night I got together with some friends and we all went out and got pedicures and then went to my friends house for a fun night in with homemade, organic facials!  It was exactly what we Mommas needed!  We giggled and laughed like we were 13 year olds at a slumber party!  It was so much fun!  We are all in my Challenge Group so we were very good and stuck with healthy snacks and portions!  Wine=Yellow

Be sure to make time for friends who make you better!  These girls definitely do that for me!  

Day 12 down, 9 more to go!!

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