Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day 1 of the 21 Day Fix

Today was my first day of the 21 Day Fix.  OK, I confess, it's not my first day EVER but it is my first day this round!  See, I have attempted the 21 Day Fix two times before this but I gave up each time because I LOVE food and just threw in the towel.  How dare me!  My challengers that I'm coaching are doing it so why I can't I?  Well, I'm here to prove I CAN and I'm going to be posting about my journey everyday! 

I was very excited!  It's day 1, Christmas is over, New Years is over, I have new resolutions and I'm feeling motivated so all went well!   =)  I am coaching a new group with 29 woman in it so you just can't get more support than that!  I have no doubt this round will be a success due to these amazing women and they're encouragement!  

Here's how my day looked:

Workout: Total Body Cardio Fix.  Great workout!  Nothing TOO hard but definitely brings up your heart rate and gets you sweaty!  I wonder if I'll be sore tomorrow?  We'll see!  =)

Breakfast: Chocolate Shakeology, 1/2 banana, peanut butter, water, ice ( counts as red,purple,tsp)

Lunch: I took my kids to Build A Bear at the mall because it was the last day of Christmas break and afterwards we went to the Food Court.  I was surrounded by unhealthy options but I stayed strong and ordered grilled nuggets from Chick-Fil-A with fruit and water!  (Red,purple)

Dinner:  Gluten free bread, turkey burger, cheese, and veggies.  (Red, green, blue and each piece of bread was a yellow!). 

Snack: Later that night I got hungry and I still had one red and some greens to use so I had another Shakeology!  What can I say, I LOVE them!!  =)

Now, my day went great and I stuck to the diet however I still had greens left over at the end and I really need to be eating all my containers!  Overall, the day was a success and I'm feeling great!  The water intake is a HUGE change for me!  I hardly ever drink water (shame on me, I know!) so it is a struggle to keep drinking!  I peed more today than ever before!  A catheter would be very convenient for the next 20 days!  

1 day down...20 more to go!

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