Saturday, June 21, 2014

Turkey Pesto Crackers

I have a new obsession with Pesto!  It really is so good!  I was really hungry yesterday but it was too early to have a full meal but I didn't just want grapes...I told you, I was HUNGRY!  =)  So I put these together and it was really good and with some water it was just what I needed to hold me over until dinner!  ENJOY!

Already prepared Pesto (mine is Basil Pesto)
Multigrain crackers (I used Gluten free crackers)
1 slice of Swiss cheese
1-2 slices of low sodium deli turkey

Spread the Pesto on your cracker, layer the rest up and enjoy! You could also add tomato and or avocado to make it even better!  =)

 I really need to figure out how to flip pictures in blogger!  Anyone know how?!  =)

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