Saturday, June 21, 2014

T25 Week 3

So I just finished T25 Week 3!  I've got to say I am LOVING the workouts!  I missed a few days at the end of week 2 because we went camping so I will admit that getting back into in on Monday of this week was hard but I ignored the voice in my head saying, "I don't want to do this" and found the motivation again!  There is nothing better than fitting in a workout that's only 25 minutes in the morning before my day gets going!  My routine of T25 and Shakeology has made me so much more energetic, I love it!  I've had energy throughout the day to not only entertain my 3 kids and run the music/dancing this week at VBS but I've also stayed on top of our house chores and have been cleaning like a mad woman!  I love the boost and it's true that working out is like a drug and the endorphins help make you happy!  =)  I'm feeling wonderful!

As for the workouts: some have gotten really easy and some are still super hard!

For me the Cardio and Speed 1.0 are much easier and I 100% "Nailed It"!  Total Body Circuit was the hardest for me in Week 1 but I'm getting much better at it and it's a lot easier than it used to be but I still HATE push ups!  =)  Lower Focus is another one that's middle of the road for me.  I remember it being easier in week 1 (which is wierd!) but this week when I did it I thought it was really hard but stuck with it!  Ab Intervals is HARD but it burns so good!!  =)  There are some moves that I still can't do because my back arches and I don't want to hurt myself but I do a slight modification for it and otherwise love it! The best part for me is truly the 25 minutes!  There is no excuse for me to not squeeze that into my day and I love that I get such a good workout in such a short period of time!  I highly recommend this workout to anyone trying to loose weight or just get healthy!  It works!!  I do recommend KEEPING TO THE SCHEDULE!  If you try to just pop in a DVD here and there it will be very hard and you could get discouraged.  Stick to the schedule that they have planned out for you and you will see that they get easier and easier and your body gets stronger and stronger!  It's an amazing feeling to nail a workout that used to be a struggle for you so stick with it!!  

I am not a person that sweats a lot!  My face will turn red after a run and have some sweat on my sports bra but that's about the most sweat that ever comes off of me, workouts alone at the gym never really left me sweaty.  BUT T25...I SWEAT!!  This Friday was a double day of Total Body Circuit and Ab Intervals and I was literally dripping sweat onto my mat as I held my planks during Abs!  It amazes me because that has NEVER happened to me before!

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