Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Did You Know...

I always have loved breakfast and working out from home has been so much easier for me! I used to go to the gym but these are just a few of the problems that would keep me from going: 

  1. Lugging 3 kids up there was hard (especially when they don't want to go to the childcare and are in tears). 
  2. Germs...Nothing like a hand,foot,mouth breakout in the toddler room so your kid gets sick!
  3. If the kids are sick I can't bring them to the gym therefore, no workout for Mommy!
  4. It took up the whole morning to drive there-workout-drive back.
  5. Classes weren't always offered during a time that worked for my schedule so I would often stress trying to make it up there in time for class or stress by rearranging my schedule just to make that 10AM class when I really needed it to be at 9AM!
 It turned into a hassle and working out should NOT be a hassle! It should be a part of your daily routine that you enjoy! I love doing my 25 minutes workout at home right after I wake up, it has saved me so much time!  Do you need to work on a schedule so you can fit in a daily workout?  Start today!  You can do it!! =)

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