Sunday, June 15, 2014

Garner State Park

Garner State Park is a family husband has been going since he was a kid and when we started dating back in High School I started going with them, and now that we have a family of our own we all still go every year!  This is the first year for me to go as a Beachbody Coach though and I was determined to get my workouts in because I have 3 Challenge Groups going on after all...if I was expecting them to stick with the schedule I had to do it too, right!?  I tried setting up a TV outside and was literally going to do T25 in our tent but I couldn't get the DVD player to work.  I was kind of relived because I would have felt a little ridiculous! ;) Instead I opted for exercise in the good ole outdoors! 

Friday I went on a beautiful morning run!  The weather was perfect and the hills were such a nice change of scenery!  =)  

The rest of the time was spent swimming in the river, playing put put golf, throwing washers, reading, and just hanging out and visiting with family and friends!  One of the highlights of our trip is always the amazing hike up Ole' Baldy Mountain!  =)  My son Keaton has been hiking with us since he was a baby! He would ride in a carrier on my husbands back through the mountains of Colorado and then once he was about 3 he started hiking with us!  He never complained about it being long or tough, he loved to come along with us!  He still loves it to this day and was so excited to join us!  

Isn't she beautiful!?!  Here is what we climbed to the top of!

My boys!

Getting closer to the top!

Once you make it to the top it's tradition to find a rock and throw it in the pile where other "Power Rocks" have accumulated!  So all 3 of us added a rock to the top of the mountain before heading back down!  =)

Kyle got a BIG rock!

Throwing it on the pile!

 Keaton's Rock!

 My Rock!

Victorious! =)

 My little golfers!

Kids in a candy-store!

Until Next Year...

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