Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Shaun Week Has Been Extended

Shaun week was intense, in the best way possible!  I truly loved it and it was such a great combination of cardio and weights!  Now they've decided to extend it to a 30 day plan that also involves rest and stretching...THANK YOU!!!  =)  I saw my body changing in just 7 days with these workouts (even my hubby noticed the changes!!) so I can't wait to see what a 30 day schedule will do for me!  

Here's what it looks like:

I will be following this schedule now that my Shaun Week is over but I'm starting another one on June 26th if you'd like to join us!  Everyone is at different stages of their journey! Some are just starting and she are halfway through their journey and some are just working to continue to improve and get stronger and healthier everyday!  Together- we support and motivate one another and have a great time!!    

to fill out the application to join us and I will contact you today!  

I LOVE this quote because it's so true!  After this 1 week you will feel better, happier, more energized and motivated than ever before!!  Don't believe me??  Try it!!  😄

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