Monday, September 22, 2014

Just Push Play

Because I'm always posting workout things people seem to think that it's not hard for me, like I just pop out of bed everyday and workout because I love it SO MUCH!  haha!  There are days that I literally wake up and go straight to the living room and push play because I'm genuinely excited about my workouts.  But these days usually only happen after I have forced myself to get up for a few weeks so after the hard part I am now used to it and then look forward to my workouts.  But before this routine happens, it is HARD!  I am just like you and I have that voice in my head saying, "Go back to sleep!", "I'm too tired, I'll do it later.", "I don't HAVE to workout today!", etc!  The key is to not listen to it!  You have to ignore that voice, and JUST DO IT!!  After your workout it feels so great to know that you just did it, even thought every ounce of you was saying no! Push through, your body is stronger than your mind tells you it is!!

I pushed snooze 3 times this morning before I finally got out of bed (over an hour past the time my alarm originally went off) so I had to squeeze my workout in later and it was a challenge but I made sure I got it in!    So see, I'm just like you.  So be just like me and get it done regardless!

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