Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Half Marathon Training

I was a runner in college...I say that but that translates into I used to NEVER, like EVER run, until college when I slowly started and then loved it and began running 3 miles everyday.  I enjoyed it and also took a running class at A&M but never ran more than 3-4 miles and never even thought about trying to train to run more.  It was just something I enjoyed and wanted to do everyday but I was content with where I was.

Fast forward to getting married, having kids and the running stopped!   I did actually run a 10K but didn't train well and hated every second of it!  haha!  I stayed active and would run here and there but never stuck to a plan or did it consistently!  I eventually found Beachbody and was consistent with my home workouts and I'm so thankful for that because not only did I get great results with them but when I did decide to run, it made the transition very easy!  I wasn't looking to start running but my friend, Lauren, who is also a Beachbody coach asked me to run a Half Marathon with her and I said yes!   I was doing a challenge at the time with the people in my fitness accountability groups and we were all trying things outside our comfort zone, things that scared us but would change us, so of course this fit the bill and I was up for the challenge!

I started running 2 miles every other day for 2 weeks and then I started this schedule below.  I didn't want to immediately jump in because I hadn't been running and didn't want shin splints or knee trouble and really wanted to ease into it.  Believe it or not training was fun and easy!  I found myself looking forward to all my workouts and loved seeing the improvement!   At first 4 miles seemed impossible, then overtime 4-6 was an easy day!  It's amazing how your mindset changes and you progress!  What once is hard becomes normal eventually.  That's what makes your fitness journey so fun!  Enjoy every milestone along the way as you progress!

I started training by myself and then started running with a friend.  That helped a lot because we would just talk the whole time and our runs became fun and so easy they just flew by!

I have 2 little tips for you to keep in mind...

  1. Change your mindset because long distance is different.  If you run an 8 minute pace when you run 2-3 miles don't try to keep that pace when you go on your first 7 mile run!  Think more about distance and not speed.  Cover the milage comfortably and THEN you can focus on time if that's important to you!!  
  2. Stick to the plan!!  There were definitely days that I felt like I could have run more miles but you have to stick to the schedule because you have a whole week of workouts planned and if you do more one day you might be exhausted by day 3!  The plan works and if you stick to it you will progress, feel strong, and be ready for that race!  Don't rush it!  

This schedule worked GREAT for me and I talked to 4 other girls who have been taking my Insanity class and they too agreed that they used to run and this time it was easier and all the credit was given to Insanity!  My secret weapon!  =)  The HIIT training is just so good for your heart and to do those intervals that get your heart rate up and down repeatedly works the most important muscle in your body so well...your heart...and it makes a constant heart rate during running so much easier!  Cross training is highly recommended during training for a race so I highly recommend you give Insanity/Insanity Max 30 a try to see how it benefits you!

You can read about my race day HERE!

My 10 must haves for running your race are HERE!

I hope this schedule works as good for you as it did me!  Tell me about your race and I'd love to help you get started!  You're going to do AWESOME!

Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional!  I write about my experience and help others make it work for them.  Following this schedule is up to you and I am not responsible for any have been warned!  =)

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