Full Body Bosu Ball Workout

I love changing up my workouts, trying new equipment, a new class, a new program...I just love fitness and I don't get set in the same routine.  I know that changing things up challenges my body and helps me to continue to see results.  So I was hearing a lot about the Bosu Ball and had to try it out to see what I thought.  I loved the fact that you're still getting the same benefit from moves that you normally do on the ground...squats, push-ups, etc. but my adding the balancing of the ball you get an entire core workout as well and it adds a whole other level of complexity.  I LOVED IT!  It also makes the workout way more fun!  The fact that it was pink helped a lot too, I'm not going to lie!  =)  

Here are my favorite moves so you can get a full body workout with this fun semi circle too!  

Let me know what you think and if you'd like to see more!  


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